About Me

I’m a 49 year old Mother of two great kids and fiancée to a great guy. My daughter is an elementary resource teacher and my son enlisted in the army last year both have done well for themselves. I’m grateful for my family they are so amazing and supportive of me and my decisions, that makes me happy knowing that when I decide to make a change or have an idea they all three give positive arguments for or against the decision that is honest and has my best interest at heart.

I spend a fair amount of time reading articles on Pinterest about starting blogs. One day I thought, I been blogging for years why not for once make a lifestyle blog.  I have several blogs and mostly I blogged about graphics and web design. This time I decided to dedicate some of my time blogging about myself. Since I love to bake and share my recipes why not share them online. Sharing recipes is not the only thing I want to accomplish with this blog I want to share ideas and products I use for a healthy lifestyle and the crafts I make.  Even some of my epic recipe fails I have had my fair share of mishaps with baking and crafting. I started making soap, crocheting, knitting and even recently started to learn how to create jewelry which I love doing, I love sharing about products, graphics and crafts I have created, I’ll share some of them with you as well.

I hope you come back and enjoy some of my freebies and my ideas on products I use and create.